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I’m a professor of political economy in the program on Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Duke University.  In addition to guiding students through independent studies, I teach (or have taught) the following courses and seminars:

  • Capitalism, For and Against (1st-year seminar)
  • Introduction to Political Economy
  • PPE Gateway (“Prisoners Dilemma and Distributive Justice”)
  • PPE Capstone (4th-year seminar)
  • Choosing in Groups: The Science of Social Choice
  • The Scope of American Government: Theory, History, Future Paths
  • American Values, Institutions, and Culture, 1760-1845
  • Research Methods for the Honors Thesis

I have presented papers at sessions of the PPE Society, Public Choice Society, American Political Science Association, Eastern Economic Association, Association of Private Enterprise Education, CFA Society, and the Bastiat Society. My work also has appeared in Reason Papers, Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy, the Cato Journal, and The Independent Review.

Assessments from Students:

Featured Articles

Real and Pseudo Gold Price Rules (Cato Journal, Winter 2020)

If central bankers today were required to adopt a gold price rule, their jobs would be easier and their performance—along with that of major economies—would improve considerably. Such a rule would anchor policy in the objective features of history’s most famous and durable money. A gold price rule also could foster an efficient transition to an ideal, feasible, and durable international monetary regime. In these and other respects, it outperforms other rules and no rules at all.

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