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11/10/21 Raleigh: “Where Have All the Capitalists Gone?” with Richard Salsman

AIER’s Bastiat Society program in Raleigh will host an event with AIER Senior Fellow, Richard M. Salsman.

Richard Salsman Public Speaker, Richard Salsman

I give talks for executives, businesspeople, professors, students, and journalists in an array of venues, including conventions, conferences, colloquia, retreats, and debates. My main topics pertain to:

  • moral, economic, and political arguments for and against capitalism
  • optimal policy reforms to ensure a future for capitalism
  • Saysian economics and supply-side economics versus rivals
  • interpreting and forecasting business cycles
  • optimal investment strategy and asset allocation
  • monetary policy and the forecasting power of the yield curve
  • public finance (government borrowing, taxation, and money creation)  
  • central banking, free banking, the gold standard, and gold-price rules
  • the value in Austrian economics: Mises, Hayek, and Hazlitt
  • the statesmanship of Alexander Hamilton
  • the economics of Jean-Baptiste Say
  • the philosophy of Ayn Rand
Richard Salsman Public Speaker, Richard Salsman
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