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FreedomFest 2022 – July 13-16, 2022: Ayn Rand’s Moral Case for Capitalism and Why It’s So Heatily Resisted

FreedomFest 2022, Las Vegas, NV will host an event with AIER Senior Fellow, Richard M. Salsman.

I give talks for executives, businesspeople, professors, students, and journalists in an array of venues, including conventions, conferences, colloquia, retreats, and debates. My main topics pertain to:

  • moral, economic, and political arguments for and against capitalism
  • optimal policy reforms to ensure a future for capitalism
  • Saysian economics and supply-side economics versus rivals
  • interpreting and forecasting business cycles
  • optimal investment strategy and asset allocation
  • monetary policy and the forecasting power of the yield curve
  • public finance (government borrowing, taxation, and money creation)  
  • central banking, free banking, the gold standard, and gold-price rules
  • the value in Austrian economics: Mises, Hayek, and Hazlitt
  • the statesmanship of Alexander Hamilton
  • the economics of Jean-Baptiste Say
  • the philosophy of Ayn Rand

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