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I’ve authored multiple books on capitalism and applied capitalist theory, bringing lessons discerned from comprehensive historical research and analysis to present-day challenges.

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Richard Salsman author, Richard Salsman

Fiscal-Monetary “Stimulus” is Depressive

Politicians, policy wonks and pundits like to classify as economic “stimulus” the $6 trillion in recent deficit spending and Federal Reserve money creation. But subsidies for the jobless, bailouts of the illiquid and pork for cronies are purely political schemes...
Richard Salsman author, Richard Salsman

Religious Left and Right Quibble Over Human Carnage, But Agree to Keep Hating Capitalism

More than ever, freedom lovers today should reject the false choice between religious-mystical (conservative) capitalism and so-called “secular socialism.”[1] The only rational and viable alternative is secular capitalism.
Richard Salsman author, Richard Salsman

Yes, Follow the Science – in Every Field

Repeatedly this year we have heard the admonition, from acolytes of Covid-19 lockdowns, to “follow the science.” Many of the admonishers presume that lockdown skeptics are myopic, “anti-science” miscreants infected with a reckless disregard for human health, safety, and life.
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