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Where Have All the Capitalists Gone Essays in Moral Political Economy

A Tragic Half Century Without Gold Money

Real and Pseudo Gold Price Rules (Cato Journal, Winter 2020)

Wall Street Under Siege

The Vindication of a Robber Baron (Jay Gould)

The Ideas Behind the Founding of America

Why We Need Free Banking

Breaking the Banks

The Credit Crunch: Myth or Reality? (Part 1)

The Credit Crunch: Myth or Reality? (Part 2)

Banking Without the Too-Big-to-Fail Doctrine

Can Fiat Money Be Effectively Managed?

Did the Gold Standard Cause the Great Depression?

The Gold Standard: Scapegoat for the Great Depression

Antitrust “Returns” with a Vengeance

Attacking the Heart of Medicine

The Cross and the Curve

The Fed versus Prosperity

Abolish the IMF

The Global Turn to the Left

Pop Goes the Bubble Myth

Get Government Out of Social Security

Gold Still the Standard for Value and Forecasting

Gold Still the Standard

The Myth of Market Bubbles

What Does Competition Mean Under Capitalism?

“Pure and Perfect” Competition? By What Standard?

Why Greenspan Trashes the Markets

Antitrust Assaults and the U.S. Department of Injustice

Microsoft’s Real Sin: Sanction of the Victim

Assault Microsoft, Assault the NASDAQ

Mythical Roots of Antitrust: Preface

Mythical Roots of Antitrust: “Economic Power vs Political Power”

Mythical Roots of Antitrust: “Perfect Competition”

Mythical Roots of Antitrust: “Definition Unnecessary”

The “Crony” in Russian “Capitalism” is Socialism

The Republican’s Altruist Convention

The Fed’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

While America Burns

Consumed by Silliness

Our Long-Term Rates Are Still Too High

Dodging Responsibility

Nobel Prize for Economics Rewards Voodoo and Not Science, Part 1

Nobel Prize for Economics Rewards Voodoo and Not Science, Part 2

Is It “May Day” For the Dollar?

Rational Pessimism

Rational Pessimism: The Choice Between “Irrational Exuberance” and “Irrational Pessimism” is a False Dichotomy

Audited by the State

The Alleged Harm Done by Tax Havens

Ireland’s Sin of Success: The EU’s Assault on Ireland’s Low Tax Policies

The Case in Favor of Tax Havens

Tax Competition: Enemy of the Welfare State

Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil Confuses Tax Avoidance versus Tax Evasion

Let’s Retire Social Security on its 65th Birthday: A Moral Way to Abolish This Destructive Scheme

America’s Real Robber Barons: The Congress of the United States

The War on Capital—Not Terrorism

The Trend Toward Totalitarian Government

Spring-Loaded Stock Market

A Spring-loaded Bull Market

The Dollar Crisis

Markets, the Dollar, and the “War on Terrorism”

U.S. War on Iraq is Morally Legitimate

Deflation Myth

Turning Iraq Into Another Iran

The Bears Come Out When the Fed Cuts Rates

Review of Dr. Locke’s Prime Movers: Traits of the Great Wealth Creators

America’s War on Business

Persecution of Microsoft is Immoral


Dispelling Some Crude Myths About Oil’s Real Impact

Bush on the Money

Risk of a Rerun

Environmental Regulations Reduce Safety and Productivity in the Energy Industry

Another Nail in the Coffin of U.S. Property Rights

Another Nail in the Coffin for Property Rights

Alan Greenspan’s Record as Fed Chairman: Better Than Predecessors, Not As Good as Gold

Fed Has Hobbled Another Bull

The Quiddity on Liquidity

Seven Years of Bupkis

The Fed’s Printing Press

Government Bailouts are Bearish

Welcome to the “Scapegoat Phase”

The GOP Betrayal of Capitalism, Alan Greenspan’s Lies and the Scapegoat Phase of the Bear Market

Obama’s Plans Will “Work” — To Breed Servile Dependence

Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis

On the White House “Disinformation” Campaign [on Health Care Reform]

Scott Brown: A Mere Speed Bump on the Conservatives’ Road to Serfdom

Indebted Nation

The Deflation Myth

Where Have All the Capitalists Gone?

The Virtue of Lower Tax Rates on the Rich

A Well-Earned Capitalist Christmas

A Golden Decade of Government Failure

New Congress, Same Old Leviathan

Krugman, “Toxic Rhetoric” and the Smear-Mongers

The Actual State of the Union

Another Illiberal Democracy – in Egypt

Ochlocracy and the Menace of Government Unions

Bravo For George Buckley, a Righteous CEO

Blame Oil Price on Fed

Obama’s “Stimulus” Precluded a Robust Recovery

Libya Exposes Obama as Our Latest Neo-con President

U.S. Arms Its Islamic Enemies – Again

Economics in Atlas Shrugged

The Bank Runs of the Early 1930s and FDR’s Ban on Gold

Phantom Federal Budget “Cuts”

Holy Scripture and the Welfare State

Obama, Osama and Operation Infinite Sacrifice

Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling – Raze It

Kill the Un-American PATRIOT Act

How the Demand-Siders Ruined the U.S. Economy

Obama the Luddite: Friend to Labor Unions, Enemy of Job Creators

The Proliferation of Illegal Wars Erodes American Values

Helicopter Ben and His QE Schemes,”

Honoring Alexander Hamilton, the Great American Revolutionary

How Bernanke’s Fed Triggered the Great Recession

Is the U.S. a No-Default Zone?

Washington’s Budget “Cuts” Would Boost Spending 50%

Gold, Reagan & the Reds: From Degraded Dollar to Downgraded Debt

Warren Buffet and the Other Rich Anti-Capitalists

Review of The Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Commerce, by Deirdre N. McCloskey

The Jobs Speech Obama Dares Not Deliver

Why Washington Resists Victory in a Post-9/11 World

Social Security is Much Worse Than a Ponzi Scheme – and Here’s How to End It

TARP After Three Years: It Made Things Worse, Not Better

Steve Jobs & the Money-Making Personality

The Limits of Tax Reform Amid Envy

President Obama’s Hopeless Malaise Moment

GOP Conservatives – Not Romney – Are the Real Flip-Floppers

Review of Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics, by Nicholas Wapshott

Capitalism Isn’t Corporatism or Cronyism

Why Do Takers Like Obama and Gingrich Attack Makers Like Romney?

Credit Obama for Leaving Iraq, But the U.S. Remains Over-Committed Abroad

Mitt Romney’s Up-Hill Battle Against Anti-Capitalist Conservatives

The Inequality Debate: Senseless Without Consideration of What is Earned

Review of Objective Economics: How Ayn Rand’s Philosophy Changes Everything About Economics, by M. Northrup Buechner

Conservatives Seeking to Unify Religion and Politics Have an Ally in Obama

Romney’s Welcome, But Wobbly Walk on the Supply-Side

Five Financial Reforms That Would Prevent Crises and Promote Prosperity

Greece’s Disgraceful Debt Default – and Calls to “Euthanize” Bondholders

Memo to Supreme Court: Health Care is Not a Right

Why Progressives Like President Obama Loathe Judicial Review

Representation Without Taxation – So Where’s the Outrage?

Fiscal Austerity and Rational Morality

Fiscal Austerity and Public Policy

Fiscal Austerity and Economic Prosperity

A Finalized Path to Full, Socialized Medicine in America – Thanks to Conservatives

The Bullet Train Fiasco Reminds Us That California Is Our Greece

An Undeserving President Claims No One Built Any Business Himself

An Objective Political Spectrum: 100% Pro-Choice Means 100% Moral Government

To Deter Gun Slaughters, the Federal Government Must Cease Disarming Innocents

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Now That’s the Ticket

Party Conventions Pit the Vision of Reagan versus the Whining of Carter

The Religion That’s Killing the World Isn’t Just Islam, It’s Also Democracy

Obama’s U.N. Speech Bolsters the U.N.’s Assault on Free Speech

Why Obama Lost the First Debate – and Might Lose the Next Ones

Two Courageous Stands for Romney-Ryan – from Unexpected Quarters

Even the 47% Should Favor Romney-Ryan on Election Day

America’s Declaration of Dependence on OPM

What the GOP Must Do to Rebuild Itself and Attract Future Electorates

Gutting the 2nd Amendment Is Not the Way to Deter Mass Slaughter

Review of Mind vs. Money: The War Between Intellectuals and Capitalism, by Alan S. Kahan

U.S. Spending a Recipe for Stagnation

The Lopsided Fiscal Deal: All Tax Hikes, No Spending Restraint

Debt-Ceiling Gimmickry is Unbecoming a Rational Government

When It Comes to Abuse of Presidential Power, Obama Is a Mere Piker

Why the Fiscal “Sequester” Scheme is Bullish

The End of Central Banking, Part I

An Over-Leveraged Fed Punishes Better-Capitalized Banks

Bankruptcies, Bail Outs & Bail Ins: The Good, Bad & Ugly of Bank Failure Resolution

The Fed’s QE Schemes Have Raised, Not Lowered, U.S. T-Bond Yields

The End of Central Banking, Part II

Americans Think Little of Business Executives, and That’s Bad for the U.S. Economy

What’s So Bad About Women Displacing Men in the Workforce?

The Financial Crisis Was a Failure of Government, Not Free Markets

To Understand the Financial Crisis – And Its Cure – You Must Read John Allison’s Book

Get Ready for Great Stagnation Under Yellen’s Fed

How Those Amazing Red Sox Did It Once Again

U.S. Economy Hits Its Stride – On the Supply Side

Review of Free Market Economics: An Introduction for the General Reader, by Steven Kates

Nota Bene: The Outlook is Bullish

Piketty’s Rickety Assault on Capital

The U.S. Treasury’s Unjust Debasement of Alexander Hamilton


Castro’s Beloved, Horrific Anti-Capitalist Legacy

Trump’s Treasury: Still More Cronyism

Reflections on Obama’s Farewell and Legacy

Did the Fed Just Promise Another Recession?

Best and Worst Presidents Ranked

Trump versus Trade: Confirmed

“Repeal and Replace” Becomes Retain with Disgrace

America at Her Best Is Hamiltonian

Trump Change

New Book by IFI’s Salsman: The Political Economy of Public Debt

Trump and GOP Condone Monopoly Medicine

Myths versus Facts: Disinflation and Equities

Trump and the GOP Support the Socialist Principles Underlying Obamacare

Review of A Companion to Ayn Rand, edited by Allan Gotthelf and Greg Salmieri

It’s No Mystery Why the Fed Sees Low Inflation as a Mystery

Best Case for Capitalism

America’s New “Red Scare,” Unlike the Old One, is Fake

Protectionism as Mutual Masochism

Socialism Worked in Venezuela

Fallout from the Trade Wars

The Mind-Based Etymology of “Capitalism”

The Financial Crisis: Lessons Not Learned

We Should Celebrate Diversity in Wealth Too

Kudos to an Anarchist Apostate, But He Can’t Shake His Skepticism of Capitalism

Anti-Socialism Isn’t (Necessarily) Pro-Capitalism

The Yield Curve Can Invert Even If the Fed Stands Pat

Capitalists: The Most Valuable Yet Endangered Species

The Myth of “Imperfect” Capitalism

Spring Break in Caracas

Punitive Taxation of America’s Richest

Buffett Falsely Assumes the Phillips Curve is True

Why Conservatives Won’t Defend Capitalism

As the U.S. Government Grows, American Prosperity Slows

“Sanctified Capitalism:” Radio Icon Dave Ramsey Butchers Capitalism

Why the Yield Curve’s Predictive Power “Puzzles” Economists

Why are Trump’s Non-Deals on Trade So Surprising?

Free Things and Unfree People

Congress Seeks to Boost the Minimum Wage and Teen Joblessness

Why the U.S. Yield Curve Reliably Predicts U.S. Recessions

Central Banks Punish Savers for the Sake of Public Debtors

Paul Volcker: Foe of the Gold Standard, Fan of Fiscal Profligacy

Say’s Law versus Keynesian Economics

Judy Shelton: Golden Nominee for a Tarnished Fed

Tears for the Poor, “Powerless” Fed

The Defense Production Act: More Market Destruction

Surprise! Threats to Impose Martial Law Aren’t Bullish

The Production of Money Isn’t (Necessarily) the Production of Wealth

Socialism Itself is a Disease, So Why Propose It to Fight a Disease? 

Incarceration, Monetization, and Nationalization Can’t Preserve Our Health or Wealth

President Trump’s Wuhan Virus War: Protectionism Magnified

A Balanced Portfolio Mix Immunizes Against an Unbalanced Policy Mix

When Policy Becomes Unbalanced, Make Sure Your Portfolio Doesn’t

CNBC Helps Hedge Fund Chicken Little Ackman Net $2.1 Billion in a Week, Then Reports It as Perfectly Normal

Unwealthy is Unhealthy, So Why Mandate It?

Crisis, Leviathan, and the Odd Libertarian Sanction

The Economy Needs Not Keynes or Kudlow But a Ventilator

Tripartite Governance: A Guidepost for Proper Policymaking

Freedom Is Indivisible, Which Is Why All Types Are Now Eroding

Pandemic = DEMPanic

Supply-Side Panglossians are Not Objective

The Fallacy of “We”

The Plan to Have Red States Bail Out Blue States

Fiscal-Monetary “Stimulus” is Depressive

Japan’s Three Decades of Depressive Stimulus Schemes

Help Wanted: Price Gougers and Profiteers

Perma-ZIRP, as Predicted

Supposed “Varieties” of Capitalism

Ten Varieties of Anti-Capitalism

Ten Varieties of Anti-Capitalism

Religious Left and Right Quibble Over Human Carnage, But Agree to Keep Hating Capitalism

The Basic Truths of Saysian Economics and Their Contemporary Relevance

We Oppose All Bailouts – on Principle

Funding American Law Enforcement

Yes, Follow the Science – in Every Field

Bankers as Scapegoats in Govt-Created Crises (NYU Press, 1993)

Economics in Atlas Shrugged (TOS, Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 2011)

Implications of Bailouts & TBTF (GJL&PP) w/ Munger (2013)

The End of Central Banking, Part I (TOS Spring 2013)

The End of Central Banking, Part II (TOS Summer 2013)

Review of ‘Mind vs. Money: The War Between Intellectuals & Capitalism’ by Kahan (TOS 8.4, Winter 2013-2014)

Common Caricatures of Self-Interest & Their Common Source (RP) (2015)

Review of Piketty’s ‘Capital in 21st Century’ (TOS) (2015)

America at Her Best is Hamiltonian (TOS) (2017)

Review of Merryfield & Poulson’s, ‘Restoring America’s Fiscal Constitution,’ 2017 (TIR, Winter 2019)

The Mind-Based Etymology of ‘Capitalism’ (TOS, Winter 2019)

Real and Pseudo Gold Price Rules (Cato Journal, Winter 2020)

The ‘Golden Rule’ of Public Finance and Prospects for Its Revival

Real and Pseudo Gold Price Rules

BOOK PANEL: A New Textbook of Americanism – May 8th, 2019

DEBATE: Socialism vs. Capitalism – October 30th, 2019

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WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – June 11th, 2020

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WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – August 6th, 2020

WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – September 3rd, 2020

WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – September 17th, 2020

WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – October 1st, 2020

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PANEL DISCUSSION: The Rise of Authoritarianism – October 23rd, 2020

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Paul Krugman’s Ayn Rand Smear – October 30th, 2020

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WEBINAR: Current Events with Hicks, Kelley, Salsman, and Grossman – March 17th, 2021

WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – March 25th, 2021

WEBINAR: Morals and Markets – April 22, 2021

Nashville: “Where Have All the Capitalists Gone?” with Richard Salsman – April 29, 2021

Charleston: “Where Have All the Capitalists Gone?” with Richard Salsman – June 1, 2021

BOOK PANEL: Where Have Have All the Capitalists Gone? – June 23, 2021

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Raleigh: “Where Have All the Capitalists Gone?” with Richard Salsman – November 10, 2021

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